The G’day SF weekly email is a summary of everything going on and coming up in San Francisco with an Aussie twist. It goes out every Tuesday and includes:

  • Profile of an Aussie living in the Bay
  • Community announcements
  • Summary of Facebook chatter
  • What brought three different Aussies to the Bay
  • Flight deals for Bay Area Aus
  • Events in the Bay Area
  • Job openings for Aussie founded companies in the Bay
  • Job openings for E3 companies in the Bay
  • Aussies open to opportunities
  • Top news headlines from back home.
  • Top satire from back home.

Here’s an example of what one looks like.

Love for G’day SF

Margaret and David would definitely give this 5 stars

Alexa Dennett

Bloody love this email! What a treat on a Tuesday. Good content is hard to come by mate so cheers for the inbox gold.

Tom Davies

Your email already makes me feel welcome and part of something stateside as well as nostalgic for a home I haven’t left yet.

Kain Tietzel

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