1 – On the SF train to Bondi, pies & Bay Area jobs

Chris note: below is the very first email we sent at G’day SF, and I went with just the plain text format. The next edition became a lot nicer once I realized how ugly plain text looked. I mostly wanted to launch fast and get the newsletter off the ground without spending more time thinking about it.


Sent: 9th August, 2016

Hey all,

Welcome to the first G’day SF email! Our goal is to create something useful for the Aussie community in the Bay Area – especially for folks who have just arrived.

We hit an email snafu that should be sorted out by next week (thanks GoDaddy) so please send any suggestions or content for future emails to cefthurston@gmail.com.

If you’re using Gmail then don’t forget to move us from the promotions tab to “Primary” 😉

Without further ado let’s jump in!

Story Time

I was on my way to work a couple of weeks ago on the L muni from the Sunset into downtown. We pulled up to a teaming Van Ness platform and when the doors open more people got on – including a woman who managed to negotiate her pram onto the muni.

The toddler in the pram was not too pleased with the situation and started making noise. The mother leaned down and said: “Don’t worry Tilly, it’s only a short ride” in an unmistakable Aussie accent and continued to pacify her child.

I looked at her and said: “Too bad we’re not on the train to Bondi.” Without skipping a beat she replied: “Oh, I know!” We had a good chat about living in SF, missing Bondi and how to make sure your kid has an Aussie accent when raised abroad.

Funnily enough, about half the Aussies I run into in the Bay Area seem to be from Bondi. I love running into Aussies knocking around town and it made my morning :).

*** Have a short story for Aussies in the Bay? Email cefthurston@gmail.com now! ***

Community Announcements

*** You don’t have to do the census ***

Australia is doing the census now and if you’re overseas you don’t have to do it (good overview here: http://bit.ly/2b05Cov). I think you’re allowed to do it if you enjoy free homework.

*** Want to play AFL in the Bay? ***
The GGAFL (Golden Gate AFL) has a thriving league and they’re always on the lookout for new players. They have a decent mix of Aussies and locals. Get involved!

Men’s Golden Gate Roos -> http://bit.ly/2bal8D7
Women’s Iron Maidens -> http://www.ggafl.com/womens-league.html

Check out the calendar to see training, tournaments and social events: http://bit.ly/2aQXaYt

Upcoming Events

*** Daybreaker SF on 12th August ***
“Bay to Breakers on a boat”
Tickets here -> http://bit.ly/2bfGRW5

Aussie Music & Artists in the Bay

*** Tame Impala in Berkeley on 2nd & 3rd September ***
Tickets here -> http://bit.ly/2aNNEbf

*** Flume in SF on 23rd, 24th & 25th September ***
Tickets here -> http://bit.ly/2aHVeqp

Aussie Companies in the Bay

*** Fair Dinkum Pies ***

I recently stumbled across a pie shop in the Bay Area. I hadn’t heard of them before but the pics on their Facebook page look pretty legit. Here’s the thing: they’re up in Vallejo, so it’s a bit of a trek but I’m keen to make the pilgrimage. Email cefthurston@gmail.com if you want to make a day of it and meet some Aussies and if we get enough interest then we’ll figure something out :).

Here’s their website: www.fairdinkumpies.com (can’t believe they got the URL as well, bonza!) For larger orders they have a form.

Jobs at Aussie Founded Companies

*** Implementation Project Manager, Accelo, SF ***
– URL: http://bit.ly/2ba9DIk
– Founder: Geoff McQueen + 4 others
– Notes: I’d be remiss if I didn’t shout-out Geoff here and note what an awesome contribution he’s made to the Aussie community here in SF. True Story: In 2011 I was sailing and any time we were in port I would research startups. I printed his E3 job post so I could read it at sea. I’ve since connected with him here and he’s a top bloke doing great things. So I imagine Accelo would be a great place to work.

*** Product Designer (Engineering), BugCrowd, SF ***
– URL: http://bit.ly/2aR1wi1
– Founder: Casey Ellis
– Notes: Casey is awesome, BugCrowd is awesome. What more do you need? More jobs here: http://bit.ly/2b2EAQq

Email cefthurston@gmail.com to get your job added here in the next mailout. Company must have an Aussie founder or explicitly mention sponsoring E3s.


SFO-SYD -> $806
Details here -> http://bit.ly/2baAINT

Top Stories From Back Home

* Aussie women’s rugby 7s wins beats Kiwis to win gold -> http://bit.ly/2baeZn8
* Aussie swimmer wins gold, upsets China and wears glasses -> http://bit.ly/2aW1SGs
* Changing wealth distribution in Aus -> http://bit.ly/2aR6ewx
* Apparently they found a way to screw up the census. I’m not even mad, I’m impressed ->
* Australia calls to abandon Olympics (I agree) -> http://bit.ly/2aNXPNe

And that’s a wrap. This is our first email and we’ll be fine-tuning the format over the coming weeks. If you have suggestions, content for the next edition or thoughts for improvement then please let us know by emailing cefthurston@gmail.com.

Have a good one!