G’day SF is a community newsletter for Australians in the Bay Area that was founded by Christian Thurston in 2016.


To provide an easy way for Australians in the Bay Area to share and get access to resources and news about our local community.


When I first came to the Bay Area in 2014 I was very lucky to have a ready-made network with both the StartMate (an Australian accelerator) alumni and our 500 Startups (an American accelerator) batchmates.

Few Aussies are so fortunate and, when you’re new to the Bay Area, each little bit of support and help matters a lot.

Fast-forward a few years and I started thinking about doing an email newsletter for the Aussie community. It just felt like something that wouldn’t be too hard to do but could also have a good impact.

I ran the idea past a few mates and the vast majority of people I spoke to were in favour of it.

I had the idea in the back of my head but I only began doing it after going to an Aussie BBQ organised by my friend, Jade, who told me “Just go for it.” Shortly after, on August 9, 2016, I sent the first G’day SF email in entirely plain text.

The format has evolved and media has taken a bit of interested. I’ve been asked to do newsletters for Seattle, LA and more. Ultimately though I’m pretty content to just focus on improving the newsletter and not biting off more than I can chew.

I hope you enjoy the newsletter and, as always, do email me if you have any suggestions for how to improve G’day SF.