Love for G’day SF

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Margaret and David would definitely give this 5 stars

– Alexa Dennett

Just wanted to say – awesome newsletter!! I just moved here a couple of months ago, and it’s so nice to see this land in my inbox each week feel a little more connected to all things Aussie. Keep up the awesome work 🙂

– Carrie Chilton

I only just subscribed to your newsletter and already look forward to receiving it each week – it’s about the only one that I actually read!

– Rebecca Cressman

I’m an Aussie in SF that’s studied here in college and lived here for close to 7 years now. Bloody love this email! What a treat on a Tuesday. Good content is hard to come by mate so cheers for the inbox gold.

– Tom Davies

Just wanted to say that I love these emails and it’s great to not only hear about what’s happening here in the city but also what’s happening back home.

– Damon Klotz

Thanks for your newsletter. It’s really ace. I forward it to every Aussie new arrival (and Brits too).

– Marshka Kiera

Thanks for providing a great publication. It’s been very handy (and humorous) getting your updates.

– Simon Murphy

I wanted to say I think you’re doing such a great job with this newsletter and I look forward to it every week! So keep up the great work and thanks for putting the effort in each week.

– Melissa Wyborn

Love it. Makes me miss SF and Australia!

– Jonathan Lai, Co-Founder of

Your email already makes me feel welcome and part of something stateside as well as nostalgic for a home I haven’t left yet.

– Kain Tietzel

Loving the newsletter! Keep up the good work!

– Patrick Moody

I think the newsletter is great, and I love the sections that you have created based on everything an Aussie could wonder about (i.e. flights home)

– Kyle Kelly

Such a great initiative, thank you for spearheading this

– Bart Macdonald

I love the newsletter. It’s nice to get a little taste of home. You are doing a great job!

– Jillian Sands

The email newsletter is great! Really appreciate the regularity and relevance. Keep it up!

– Niki C.

Great email sir! Clean, to the point, and useful!

– Andrew Moon

Also, wanted to thank you for sending out the G’Day SF email – super useful, not too long/short, and a perfect reminder of why Aussies are the greatest.

– Lauren Demarte

And lastly, here’s my favourite and it’s paraphrased:

You haven’t been here 10 years and you’re not Geoff McQueen so why do you think you should be the one doing a newsletter? I just don’t think people will be interested in it.

– Feedback from an anonymous Aussie in the Bay Area after I told them the idea for a newsletter.