Aussies looking for opportunities – 12th June 2018

Tasha Nabila – PR

Hi there! I am a PR & Communications professional with over three years of experience in the public relations industry across agency and in-house, with a background in and a passion point for technology. I graduated with a double degree in Communications and International Studies in 2015 from the University of Technology, Sydney.

During my professional career, I have worked within a wide array of communications and marketing areas, including corporate and consumer PR, brand sponsorhip, social media and events. In addition to this, I have developed a wide breadth of public relations and industry knowledge spanning corporate, health, travel and consumer & enterprise technology.

Currently, I work as a PR & Communications Manager in Sydney, Australia and am looking to relocate to the Bay Area as soon as possible. Here is my LinkedIn. Please feel free to get in touch with relevant opportunities at

John – Sports / Biz Dev

Hi I’m John Birtwhistle (but please call me Jack), I am 28 and from Sydney, however have been living in Canberra the last 8 years. I have come to the Bay Area looking to get some exposure to the Sports Industry, both professional sports and collegiate sports.

That said I am open to any and all opportunities and my most recent experience has been as the Business Development Manager for a Small/Medium organisation. I would be well suited to roles focused on Business Development and Business Strategy.

I am also open to any opportunities elsewhere in the US. I have always loved visiting the USA and am really excited to be here and very hopeful of establishing a home here for the next few years (or more).

Linkedin – Phone – 323 397 3479

Kyle – General

I’m looking for any leads for e3-sponsoring companies hiring someone with my experience.

I’ve got a degree in global business from a 4-year college in the states, a specialization from UC San Diego in interaction design.

I have work experience as a media intern as well as experience in operations at Sprig (a healthy food startup) from the year that I have lived here after graduation. I absolutely love the city and the culture and am trying to find the most efficient route forward to stay here. LinkedIn. Email:



Christian Thurston


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