Aussies looking for opportunities – 26th June 2018

Lizzie Matkovich – Communications / Stakeholder Management

I’m Lizzie Matkovich, I’m 29 years old and from Sydney. I have over seven years experience in the development and execution of stakeholder engagement and communication strategies for both internal and external clients.

Having worked for organizations both big and small and across a range of industries (Arts to agribusiness to most recently building and construction), I’m particularly adept at cultivating relationships with individuals from diverse organisational backgrounds.
Having spent many times visiting the Bay Area, I’m keen to make the move over to not only build upon my current skill set but also experience new challenges that stem from an overseas relocation.
I’m looking for a customer-focused role, such as a Communications Manager / Stakeholder Management, that draws upon my strong communications background. While my most recent experience lends me towards the construction and tertiary education sectors, I’m open to all industries, organization sizes and opportunities. While still based in Sydney, I’m available to relocate with minimal notice should the right opportunity come my way.
If you know of any roles that sound suitable, you can learn more about my experience via LinkedIn:
Or email me at

Aussies looking for opportunities – 12th June 2018

Tasha Nabila – PR

Hi there! I am a PR & Communications professional with over three years of experience in the public relations industry across agency and in-house, with a background in and a passion point for technology. I graduated with a double degree in Communications and International Studies in 2015 from the University of Technology, Sydney.

During my professional career, I have worked within a wide array of communications and marketing areas, including corporate and consumer PR, brand sponsorhip, social media and events. In addition to this, I have developed a wide breadth of public relations and industry knowledge spanning corporate, health, travel and consumer & enterprise technology.

Currently, I work as a PR & Communications Manager in Sydney, Australia and am looking to relocate to the Bay Area as soon as possible. Here is my LinkedIn. Please feel free to get in touch with relevant opportunities at

John – Sports / Biz Dev

Hi I’m John Birtwhistle (but please call me Jack), I am 28 and from Sydney, however have been living in Canberra the last 8 years. I have come to the Bay Area looking to get some exposure to the Sports Industry, both professional sports and collegiate sports.

That said I am open to any and all opportunities and my most recent experience has been as the Business Development Manager for a Small/Medium organisation. I would be well suited to roles focused on Business Development and Business Strategy.

I am also open to any opportunities elsewhere in the US. I have always loved visiting the USA and am really excited to be here and very hopeful of establishing a home here for the next few years (or more).

Linkedin – Phone – 323 397 3479

Kyle – General

I’m looking for any leads for e3-sponsoring companies hiring someone with my experience.

I’ve got a degree in global business from a 4-year college in the states, a specialization from UC San Diego in interaction design.

I have work experience as a media intern as well as experience in operations at Sprig (a healthy food startup) from the year that I have lived here after graduation. I absolutely love the city and the culture and am trying to find the most efficient route forward to stay here. LinkedIn. Email:



Aussies looking for opportunities – 1st May 2018

Rob Grant – Marketing Insight and Strategy

“I’m a senior marketing insight and strategy specialist, looking for a new role in the Bay Area (my company is relocating to New York). I have nearly 20 years experience in both agencies and client organizations (open to both), across numerous categories (especially CPG and liquor).

Consumers, brands, innovation, packaging, communication and trends are my specialty. Please contact or at”

Lewis Farrell – B2B/B2C Marketing Expert

“I’ve been in the US many years now, arriving just before the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake! And even so I have loved the Bay Area. I studied Science at Syd Uni before bouncing down to Melbourne (do miss the restaurants on Lygon St.) and then on to here.

I am a green card holder, so no probs working anywhere here. I have B2B/B2C marketing experience in Big Data, SaaS, Blockchain, Enterprise IT, and Cloud and I have led global, cross-functional teams. If you think you know of any opportunities or leads and could make any introduction I would love to chat. or resume –

Antoine Khalil – Biomedical Equipment Technician/Engineer

“I am a highly skilled and experienced AAMI CBET Certified Biomedical Equipment Technician/Engineer with over 12 years experience in the medical service/sales industry.

I have an extensive knowledge in Anesthetics, IVF, Apheresis, sterilization, medical gas systems (High & Low pressure systems), hospital biomedical equipment, electrical standards, Australian, American, international standards and many more!

With over 7 years experience as a State Service Manager and over 12 years as a Field Service Engineer, I have the skills and knowledge to make an impact in my field. Over the years I have learned and developed the skill to increase business revenue and also eliminate costs for my employee. LinkedIn


Aussies looking for opportunities – 20th Mar 2018

William Brooks – Full Stack Software Engineer

I relocated last year from Perth to Oakland with my wife, who is originally from the Bay Area. I studied Computer Science at UWA before working in the family business, managing hotel & hospitality businesses for 8 years.

I recently completed a full stack web development course at UC Berkeley extension while waiting for my work visa. I now have full work authorisation and am looking for a full-stack or front-end web development position. If you think you could make any introduction I would love to chat. or


Aussies looking for opportunities – 6th Mar 2018

Kaitlyn Lieschke – Environmental Science and Data Analysis

G’day all! My name is Kaitlyn Lieschke and I’m looking for environmental science and data analysis positions. I’m trained as an atmospheric chemist and data analyst but my skills are very transferable and I’m open to any opportunities that I’d be a good fit for, particularly those that would allow me to stay in atmospheric or environmental science.

I’ve been working in air quality research for 3+ years and am currently working as a graduate student researcher at UC Berkeley. My work has involved a lot of statistical analysis of large data sets to determine trends and changes in air quality both in the Bay Area and back home in Australia. I have extensive knowledge of python and R, great written and verbal communication skills and love problem solving and analytical thinking.

You can see my resume and get links to my LinkedIn and GitHub accounts on my website and you can contact me at Let me know of any opportunities.

Rena – Product

My name is Rena and I just moved to San Francisco from Sydney. At my last full-time role as Advertising Product Manager at Allure Media (the Australian publisher of POPSUGAR, Business Insider, WhoWhatWear Network and Gizmodo Media Group), I build and manage the advertising product roadmap; from brainstorming to successful launch of the ad products.

A recent successful project that I have managed is the launch of a premium video ad partnered with AOL. Essentially, my role as a Project Manager is to manage the launch of the product on 3 different websites – Business Insider, POPSUGAR and Gizmodo (each has their own CMS and engineering teams). I ensure clear communication across the teams so they are aware and updated on project milestones, status, and delivery.

I have 6 years experience in digital advertising and publishing. I am highly experienced in ad operations, campaign management, project managing, data analytics, insights, digital trends to assist the Commercial and Editorial teams to sell on-brand and on-strategy commercial products.

P/S: I have full authorization to work in the US and do not require a sponsorship from any company.

Rory – Various

Looking to make the move into tech in the Bay Area. Management Consultant from Perth with 2 years experience. Passionate about technology and have skills in Python, SQL, VBA, Javascript, and Tableau.

Quick learner with good strategic intuitions and communication skills. Interested in a range of roles from Data Science, Program/Product Management to Business Development. LinkedIn Email: If anyone knows anything that might be a good fit please drop me a line.

Jennifer – Customer Succes

I have recently moved to San Francisco Bay Area from Melbourne and looking for sales and customer success role opportunities. I have 3 years experience working in financial services starting as a credit risk analyst to an account executive where I’ve managed a portfolio of SMB clients.

If there any opportunities or you are able to make an introduction, please DM me at jen.szetho@gmail.comor   Thank you!


Aussies looking for opportunities – 6th Feb 2018

Mayumi Kato – Product

“Hi G’DAY SF, My name is Mayumi Kato and I am looking for product or partnership roles in SF. I have 6+ years product experience in financial services & IT. Preference for small-medium fin-tech & tech. If you are hiring or able to make an introduction, please DM me at or   Thanks!”

Christian Burgin – Product

“I recently moved to San Francisco from Melbourne, looking for a new role. I’m a product manager with 3 years of experience working in financial services and insurance.

I’ve delivered a seamless bank feeds experience to over 50,000 customers through integration with Xero, built an online insurance portal end to end which resulted in winning a $20m+ client and led the digital and technology strategies for NAB, one of Australia’s largest banks.

My preference is for a product manager role, but I realize there’s a lot of good I can do and a lot I can still learn in a huge range of roles. I’m reliable, determined and passionate about building awesome customer experiences. Here is my LinkedIn, and you can reach me at

Let me know of any opportunities – thanks!”

James Bennet – Comms, Storytelling & Media

“I landed in SF last month. Just finished several amazing years in India as the ABC’s South Asia Correspondent – finding, filming, photographing and producing stories from India and around. Phenomenal experience. Although as an outdoor-nut, I did battle breathing Delhi’s smog. Exploring this city and surrounds; bike riding, surfing and skiing feels like being reborn!

A lovely American lady lured me here. Keen to stay, I’m hungry to find the right outlet for my creative storytelling skills. I was a video journalist abroad so I write, shoot video and photos and edit etc, but I also love working with people. Having done all sorts of assignments I’m a handy stakeholder and project-manager too. I’m looking for PR/media/communications/content creation type roles.

I love the idea of tech than can solve human problems, so would also love to hear from organisations looking abroad who could benefit from my Government relations/developing world experience.

Contact info

(Former Correspondent) Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Cell: +1 628 224 2329LinkedInTwitter.”