Aussies looking for opportunities – 6th Feb 2018

Mayumi Kato – Product

“Hi G’DAY SF, My name is Mayumi Kato and I am looking for product or partnership roles in SF. I have 6+ years product experience in financial services & IT. Preference for small-medium fin-tech & tech. If you are hiring or able to make an introduction, please DM me at or   Thanks!”

Christian Burgin – Product

“I recently moved to San Francisco from Melbourne, looking for a new role. I’m a product manager with 3 years of experience working in financial services and insurance.

I’ve delivered a seamless bank feeds experience to over 50,000 customers through integration with Xero, built an online insurance portal end to end which resulted in winning a $20m+ client and led the digital and technology strategies for NAB, one of Australia’s largest banks.

My preference is for a product manager role, but I realize there’s a lot of good I can do and a lot I can still learn in a huge range of roles. I’m reliable, determined and passionate about building awesome customer experiences. Here is my LinkedIn, and you can reach me at

Let me know of any opportunities – thanks!”

James Bennet – Comms, Storytelling & Media

“I landed in SF last month. Just finished several amazing years in India as the ABC’s South Asia Correspondent – finding, filming, photographing and producing stories from India and around. Phenomenal experience. Although as an outdoor-nut, I did battle breathing Delhi’s smog. Exploring this city and surrounds; bike riding, surfing and skiing feels like being reborn!

A lovely American lady lured me here. Keen to stay, I’m hungry to find the right outlet for my creative storytelling skills. I was a video journalist abroad so I write, shoot video and photos and edit etc, but I also love working with people. Having done all sorts of assignments I’m a handy stakeholder and project-manager too. I’m looking for PR/media/communications/content creation type roles.

I love the idea of tech than can solve human problems, so would also love to hear from organisations looking abroad who could benefit from my Government relations/developing world experience.

Contact info

(Former Correspondent) Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Cell: +1 628 224 2329LinkedInTwitter.”


Christian Thurston


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