Aussies looking for opportunities – 1st May 2018

Rob Grant – Marketing Insight and Strategy

“I’m a senior marketing insight and strategy specialist, looking for a new role in the Bay Area (my company is relocating to New York). I have nearly 20 years experience in both agencies and client organizations (open to both), across numerous categories (especially CPG and liquor).

Consumers, brands, innovation, packaging, communication and trends are my specialty. Please contact or at”

Lewis Farrell – B2B/B2C Marketing Expert

“I’ve been in the US many years now, arriving just before the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake! And even so I have loved the Bay Area. I studied Science at Syd Uni before bouncing down to Melbourne (do miss the restaurants on Lygon St.) and then on to here.

I am a green card holder, so no probs working anywhere here. I have B2B/B2C marketing experience in Big Data, SaaS, Blockchain, Enterprise IT, and Cloud and I have led global, cross-functional teams. If you think you know of any opportunities or leads and could make any introduction I would love to chat. or resume –

Antoine Khalil – Biomedical Equipment Technician/Engineer

“I am a highly skilled and experienced AAMI CBET Certified Biomedical Equipment Technician/Engineer with over 12 years experience in the medical service/sales industry.

I have an extensive knowledge in Anesthetics, IVF, Apheresis, sterilization, medical gas systems (High & Low pressure systems), hospital biomedical equipment, electrical standards, Australian, American, international standards and many more!

With over 7 years experience as a State Service Manager and over 12 years as a Field Service Engineer, I have the skills and knowledge to make an impact in my field. Over the years I have learned and developed the skill to increase business revenue and also eliminate costs for my employee. LinkedIn


Christian Thurston


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